Aloha everybody... MY topic is on the sea turtles and how they are being endangered by plastic bags:(!!!
Look at this poor creature, it doesn't even know that its eating plastic).Sea Turtles are being endangered by the uncaring thoughts of man kind, also because of the carelessness that we have towards littering. We as man kind should be taking care of our home and the also the creatures that live in it. I chose this topic because I believe that Sea Turtles are innocent animals that have done nothing given beauty to our world.turtle.jpg
Summary:This article is about how Green Sea Turtles were here before the Hawaiian Islands were and also how Christopher Columbus sailed into the Caribbean and saw so many turtles. He saw so many Green sea turtles that he called three islands Las Tortugas. He called the Green sea turtles the most valuable reptiles in the world. This shows that Green sea turtles are important and valuable creatures that should not be exterminated just for the selfishness of humankind. These harmless creatures were soon being exterminated as the western hemisphere was being explored and exploited by the people of the West.
From this article I think it is interesting to know that a man like Christopher Columbus respected the Green Sea Turtles and didn't exploit them like the westerners did. I also think that it was interesting to know how old and how long the Green sea Turtles have been here on earth.
Further Questions I have:
1) I wonder know much longer they can survive on earth??
2)Maybe if we just start taking care of the enviornment then the Geen Sea turtle can stay on earth a little bit longer!

Summary:This article is about how the what we do to the poor creatures when we litter. Careless things like letting rubbish and plastic bags just be exploited to the oceans and rivers really hurts our sea life.Also this image makes us think about how harmful we are to our wildlife, when they really donʻt deserve it. So the next time you decide to throw your rubbish on the ground or on beaches, just think of this innocent creature that you are hurting.
Reflection: I think that this picture is very powerful because this can really show a person how important our decisions are when it comes to littering. This makes you think about all of the Turtles or other animals that have to suffer just because of the stupid actions of people. Also, this shows how animals have to pay for the selfish actions of the Kanaka ( human beings).
1) I wonder if we this littering up, then how longer will sea turtles be able to live through this crisis??
2) Maybe if we just go "green" a lot more and just keep trying, then the generations to come can be able to see all of the beauties of the world!!
plastic_bags.jpg 2008/04/plastic_bags.jpg
Summary: This article talks about how plastic bags are not biodegradable. They go through a process called photodegration-breaking into smaller toxic particles that contaminate the soil and water. It ends up entering the food chain of innocent animals and they get ingested by the animals.It also talks about how it is costing the retailers a lot of money for these plastic bags.
Reflection: I think that this picture explains that plastic bags are very useless and we really donʻt need it, because it just sits there with no purpose in the world. All it does is contaminate our world and it also kills innocent animals. We can prevent all of this from happening by just stopping the use of plastic bags.
1)Why do need all of these plastic bags, when its just sitting there??
2) It probably would be smarter if we just get rid of all of these plastic bags so that it can stop harming our world!!

**Action plan:**
My action plan for my final project is putting posters all around the science building classes. My poster will represent the horrible things that are happening to the helpless animals of the sea because of plastic. I will also show what people coluld do or where they can go to help with this problem. I also will show what people can do to help these animal.

Final Comments:
Tai-You have chosen an important, compelling, and sad topic. When you spoke about this in your presentation it was clear that you have a personal connection to this particular animal. It would have been good to also state this in your Introduction (would have definitely caught a reader's attention as it is a personal story which always adds interest). You have also included some horrific pictures, which again, makes the urgency of your topic come through. As you are aware, it seems you struggled with this project throughout, mostly with staying on your work at each step of the way. And, still you are missing some components (your interview and posting your poster to your wiki) which will unfortunately impact your overall grade. I hope that from this you have learned some things that you can take with you, not just about honus, but also about what you might do differently when approaching your next long-term project.