Barry Bonds, Mark Mcgguire, Roger Clemens. All names associated with steroids. All professional athletes. But what about those high school students doing the exact same thing. What is being done about high school athletes caught using steroids? What is being done to prevent this? Steroids are a drug that increase the amount of testosterone in your body causing you to grow and to build up faster. But there are also many side effects and long term effects that athletes aren't putting into consideration. My job is to raise awareness about the problem and to provide information. This topic is important to me because I am an athlete who works hard to get better and not just take the easy way out. To me steroids are cheating and unfair and is a problem that should be dealt with.

Sam- Your topic has potential, especially as this connects to your interest in athletics. However, your intro paragraph is too brief at this point. Please be sure to read criteria given. The video segment you've included is excellent. Great way to set the context and illustrate the issue. The ending of it was surprising...

This article is about the number of students in high schools using steroids and the opinions that teachers, coaches, parents, and students have on the subject. It also includes a small segment in which names often referred to with steroids give their opinions on the issue.
"It busts me up when they show some teenager who's been on steroids and his life is suddenly messed up," Bonds said. "It's the parent's job to be a parent to that kid. ... I tell my boy, 'if I see you doing steroids, I'll bust you up.' And I mean it." This article also includes quotes from two parents who lost their son due to steroid abuse.

I think this article is important because it gives the numbers and statistics on steroid use in high school. I also think the segment with the professional players opens up the eyes of many because even they feel its wrong and stupid for high school athletes to be using steroids. The segment with the parents talking about how they lost their son due to steroids also shows the many long term effects of steroids.

This article is about a bill that was made attempting to require random drug tests in high schools. But the cost of the bill would have been to high to maintain so it faded quickly. This article also includes another steroid abuse related death. This one in the form of suicide. But the ignorance of what steroids do to you long term is still there even with all the deaths recorded.

I like the fact that there was an initiative to make a bill to sup port random testing, but i don't like the fact that it faded quickly because the cost was to high. This article includes a quote showing the ignorance of some high school players on the issue.
“ ‘I don’t care what happens at 40. All I want to do is be the biggest, baddest guy I can be right now,’ ” I think that a bill should be released requiring drug tests on high school athletes.

This video is basically the view point of an athlete who used steroids and found nothing wrong with them. He noticed all the side effects and everything but all in all he felt that the steroids did their job and that they aren't really dangerous.

I find this video interesting because of the fact that it's a totally new perspective on steroids. I like how the person in the video found nothing wrong with taking steroids. He noticed the changes that they were making in his body both positive and negative and even admitted to not knowing why he felt he was feeling that way, but also admitted to feeling good about the way his body was looking.

The beginning of this video is blurry and unclear but it get's better.

This video is basically the opposite of the one above. This video is all about steroids and the risk. It interviews professional bodybuilders and ask them if they ever used steroids before. This video was also about Lyle Alzado's (former NFL player) death which was related to steroids. After taking the steroids he realized his mistake and tried to talk 2 kids about not taking steroids and the risk of steroids. He died at age 43.

I like this video because it has a real life example of death by steroids in the video. It has Lyle talking about steroids and choking up at the thought of a kid going through what he is. I also liked the part at the gym where it showed bodybuilders doing it "the hard way" and exercising and working out to get the muscles they want.

This article is a list on all the side affects and disadvantages of steroids.

I think this article is important because it gives the disadvantages and side effects and also explains why it happens that way. I think if this was posted up in every gym or locker room it would help to prevent young athletes from doing it in the first place

Sam-I'm glad you finally posted your research. It seems you learned some new perspectives and statistics through researching different sources. A few comments: 1) When you summarize, you should state information learned. In other words don't just say "it lists side effects" but say "Some side effects are..." so a reader can learn information from your summary. 2) I watched the student perspective on steroids video. I do agree it is interesting to gain different perspectives however, make sure you realize that this student is not an expert and did not discuss long term effects. Perhaps one month isn't enough to do significant harm but if one uses over a length of time, there can be negative side effects that could do permanent damage (and as you learned can lead to death).

Kale Ane Punahou Varsity Football Coach/Assistant AD

1. How do you feel about steroids?
2. How do you feel about high school players using steroids?
3. Personally what do you think should be done?
4. What is currently being done at our school to athletes who are caught using steroids?
5. Do we do any kind of testing? ( I didn't ask this question because he answered it in the previous one).
6. Have you ever had an experience with a teammate or player who was using steroids? If so what did you? If not how would you have dealt with it?
7. How do you feel about parents putting so much pressure on their kids that they turn to steroids?
8. Having played in the NFL do you think that the players who are there influence kids to take steroids?
9. How do you feel that the main consumer of steroids in schools are teenage girls?
10. How do you feel about the many suicide reports relating to overdoses of steroids?

What i learned from my research is that although people know about steroids and all the advantages, they don't know about the disadvantages and long term effects that steroids cause. Which is why my aciton plan is to make a poster showing all the different side effects to raise awareness of the issue. I don't know how much it'll do about the problem but at least it'll give people and idea on what it is exactly that they are doing to their body.

Final comments:
Sam-I'm glad you were able to complete your Final Project. Your topic was definitely an interesting one and one that athletes here are likely interested in and should know about. Your action plan/poster had potential as it contains relevant info and catches ones attention. However. its distribution and effectiveness could have been more widespread. For example, you could ask Coach Ane if he could use this poster or if coaches would like to post them in different parts of the gym. Otherwise, what you've learned stays more in your head. I do hope you've gained some insights into this topic and realize the negative effects, risks, and ethics surrounding its use make this something that athletes should stay away from.